Features Overview


Always Level Lights

Be using a gimbal motor with a gyroscope sensor, you can enjoy a light that will always stay level no matter the lean of the vehicle nor the inertia around a turn.


Universal Thread Mount 

By using a threaded shaft we are able to fit any automotive headlight bulb socket:

H4 - H7 - H11



Led Light Source 

These LED projector lens are powered by LG Innotek and superior to other projectors on the market, as they already come with their own light source to give you the perfect package. The 30W high powered output is equivalent to HID, but unlike HID that have a warm up time lapse, these bi-xenon LED projectors have an instant power up that completely transforms your vehicle in a moment's notice. At 20,000 working hours, the longevity of these bi-xenon LED projectors may even last longer than the vehicle itself!