How ALLight Compares


BMW's Adaptive Headlight

Price : N/A (Need to purchase new motorcycle)

Not able to install this product in any motorcycle other than BMW motorcycles that come with the option to have it.

Does not blind oncoming trafiic

Currently available on specific BMW cruisers

Not available on sport bikes 

Not available on scooters

Reflecting the light beam off a mirror that is controlled my motor arms


ALLight Retrofit

Price : $175-$220 (Not determined yet)

Able to install in current headlight assembly

Does not blind oncoming traffic

Able to install on cruisers

Able to install on sport bikes

Able to install on scooters

A combination of led non-bulb design, hollowed shaft gimbal motor, and a universal thread mount. more details

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 4.48.24 PM.png

J.W.Speaker's Adaptive Series

Price : $450-$950

Not able to install in your current headlight assembly but rather you replace your whole headlight assembly

Blinds oncoming traffic while leaning

Primarily for cruiser motorcycles

Not available on sport bikes 

Not available on scooters

Turning on/off extra led lights when vehicle is leaning.